Blimps is a throwback adventure RPG
with 77 fun missions and an original soundtrack.

You are the captain of an electric airship…

Armed with water, fire, ice cannons, and
a couple of hangar Robots to help you on your way.

Can you learn to survive in this world of Blimps
only to escape it?

Try the free demo available on Itch.io

BLIMPS is an open-world adventure RPG that puts you in charge of an electric airship cargo delivery company.

With a bit of perseverance, you might be the one to survive and escape this world of multiplying Blimps! So take to the skies and safely deliver cargo, or try to pirate cargo from another blimp if you dare.

This rogue-lite casual game involves flying around, battling, collecting, delivering, exploring, sieging, smuggling, surviving, harvesting, crafting, hacking, and racing to be the first to find the Moon Crystal and the elusive Mars rock. Complete 77 primary and 12 side missions to earn 11 passport stamps and 8 pilot wings.

BLIMPS also features unique sound fx and an instrumental soundtrack performed by the band Ashtronaut.

BLIMPS is best played on an Apple or Android tablet or PC/Mac desktop or laptop computer with Bluetooth headphones and a gamepad controller attached.

Try the 13-minute full-game demo for free or pay once for the whole experience.

BLIMPS contains no ads, in-app purchases, or in-game data collection.
Instead, it is just an old-school offline, family-friendly computer game.

We hope you enjoy the game. Thanks for playing!

Rated E for Everyone.

Game Features:

Build a fortune with a Blimp Cargo Delivery Company

Select your Corporation: Choose between six airship cargo delivery corporations.

Select your Captain: Choose between three trailblazing captains.

Equip and Repair: Equip your Blimp with upgrades and repair it from damage.

Explore an Open World: Fly around discovering all the castles, mazes, mini-games, missions, ports, stores, and treasures in Blimps.

Load your Blimp with Cargo: You can load regular, precious, illegal, and stowaway cargo onto your Blimp and deliver it to currently trading stork ports.

Earn a Profit: Safely deliver cargo with your Blimp to trading stork ports. Smugglers of illegal and stowaway cargo, beware: You may get busted going through Eagle Eye Customs.

Choose Your Own Adventure Questions: Encounter events with different outcomes based on your decisions.

Dogfight Battles: Battle other Blimps in close combat skirmishes for their loot.

Become the King of the Seven Castle Kingdoms: Siege and defeat seven increasingly difficult castles to become the King of Blimps.

Battle Corporate Cash Cows: Defeat the Corporate Cash Cow Bosses!

Pilot a Submarine: Rent a submarine and trawl for Helium-3. Watch out for giant crabs!

Launch a Hot-Air Balloon: Navigate a hot-air balloon through a vast labyrinth full of obstacles, secrets, and treasures.

Drill down with an Earth Drill: Navigate a mini earth drill through a vast labyrinth full of obstacles, secrets, and treasures.

Extract elements and crush carbon: Use your hangar’s lab to separate components from saltwater and minerals.

Mining Operations and Drilling Rigs: You can visit mining operations and drilling rigs to inspect and purchase valuable minerals and gases.

Build Solar Towns: Build four solar towns to receive a rental income.

Earn Captain Skill Points: Complete 12x side missions to earn captain skill points, which can be used to obtain bonus items.

Educate and Train Very Important People: Gather your expedition team and prepare them to help you escape.

Race Against Space Y, Nile X, And Sir Space to find the Moon Crystal:

Be the first to find the elusive Moon Crystal and win $1,000,000.

77 Primary Missions, 12 Side Missions, 11 Passport Stamps, and 8 Pilot Wings to Earn:

Blimps features 77 primary missions, 12 side missions, 11 passport stamps, and 8 pilot wings that players can earn through dedicated gameplay.

Daffodil “Medal of Honor” Stamp: Retainers of this passport achievement stamp can complete the game in about 2 hours if they know what they are doing and are awarded a score bonus. Ed, one of the game designers, says, “BLIMPS can be completed in about 13 minutes if you are a good hacker and know what and when to do it, but you will not get the Daffodil ‘No cheat codes used’ achievement stamp score bonus.”

Pay once for the whole Blimps experience.
(No ads, No F2P, No in-App purchases)

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“We hope you enjoy the game. Thanks for playing!”
-Corinne & Ed
(co-game designers of Blimps)