What is Blimps?

BLIMPS is an open-world adventure RPG for iOS (iPads), MACOS (computers), GOOGLE(Android tablets)STEAM(PC), and AMAZON (tablet devices)!

It can be played on PC/MAC(keyboard/mouse) and iOS/Android(tablet/pencil) devices. It also features partial gamepad controller support when flying and digging around the world of Blimps.

Who made it?

BLIMPS 1.0.0 was entirely developed as a duet between Corinne Bohjanen and Ed Horey. It was released on January 1, 2021. It continues to be currently maintained by them.

Who is the Publisher?

BLIMPS is self-published by Paint Can Games LLC on all platforms.

Does BLIMPS have controller support?

Yes, it has partial support with the most popular gamepads. Players can fly around the world of BLIMPS “Twin-Stick Shooter Style.” All other times it’s best to use your finger, pencil, mouse, or keyboard. BLIMPS was tested successfully using SteelSeries wired/wireless controllers on PC/MAC/IOS/ANDROID devices.

What languages does the game support?

Currently, BLIMPS supports English.

Can I discuss/post videos of your game on Youtube/Twitch?

Please do! Feel free to create videos about BLIMPS. You have our permission to monetize your videos featuring Blimps content.

What language is BLIMPS coded in?

(Magicians never reveal their secrets. 😉

I’m having technical issues with the game. How do I fix it?

Please contact us HERE with any bugs you may find.